Monday, October 10, 2016

Tractor Mac

{Meeting Billy and Julie}

My parents started picking up Tractor Mac books at Buell's Orchard when Pieter was pretty little. They have become a favorite book series for the kids and when we heard that the author, Billy Steers, comes to Buell's Apple Festival every fall, we decided to plan our trip around those dates. Well, we made it and it was awesome. We walked up to the orchard early enough to get our free cider donuts and cider and were the first in line to meet Billy. Pieter drew a picture of Tractor Mac for Billy. It was so cute. I wish I took a picture of it. We got a bunch of new books autographed, got some face painting done and then went for a hay ride with our friends, William and Simon. It was a great time. And we found out that we had some work to do during our future reading. On every page Billy has drawn in the name of his wife, Julie, in each picture!

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