Monday, May 16, 2016

Moving to Puerto Rico: Local Food

Locally grown food is pretty important to me and it has taken a while to find good resources in Puerto Rico. You can easily find tree and shrub fruit, like mangoes, avocados, papayas, citrus, and bananas. These are sold from trucks at many street corners and you will probably have a tree or two in your backyard that you can pick from. But, finding food that is grown in farms/gardens locally, like tomatoes and cucumbers, is a bit harder. Many of the road-side trucks are selling imported food - don't let them fool you! They will have the local tree fruit, but if you see eggplants, onions, tomatoes and other things like that, they are probably from central America. Here are a few sources that you'll be sure to find local food:

Organic Produce
  • Sana Farms: we get a large box of organic produce from Sana every week. I can't tell you how this has made my life more content and full in Puerto Rico. My refrigerator is full of good food, grown without chemicals and I am supporting a local family doing good things for the land. You can pick up in Cabo Rojo, Mayagüez and Rincón. You can buy one box if you are visiting or you can buy a couple months credit for future boxes and get some extra veggies as an incentive. They also have a Farm Stand in Rincón across from the Post Office. Here is a post that will tell you more.
  • Rincón Farmers' Market: Sunday mornings
  • Aguadilla Farmers' Market: Saturday mornings

Local Coffee
  • Mis Abuelos Coffee: this coffee farm is up in the mountains of Mayagüez. See this post for more information.
  • Sandra Farms: I haven't made it to this coffee farm, but I have enjoyed their coffee at BD Cafe in Rincón. (Facebook Page)
  • The best whole bean coffee that we have found is sold at Erik's Bakery in Maricao. I'm not sure what local farm it is from in Maricao but it is very good and a great price ($5 something/lb).
Imported Produce
  • El Viandon: this is a restaurant supply warehouse in Mayagüez. It is located just behind the VA building off of Route 2 in a warehouse. The public is welcome to come in and shop. If you are feeling hot, this is the place to go to enjoy 40 degree temps while you shop. While not local, you might be looking for something that never shows up in grocery stores or farmers' markets. I go here for special items, like artichokes, fennel, hot peppers and organic milk. 
Local Meats/Eggs
  • UPR-Mayagüez sells meat (beef, chicken, rabbit) through the Departamento de Industria Pecuaria at the Food Science building and at the finca on campus. 
  • CaboRojo Steaks sells grass-fed beef.
  • Friends! Get to know friends that have free-range chickens and you'll have the best eggs ever. 

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