Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Horse Camp

It was a long weekend at our house as the kids anticipated going to horse camp this week at Rincón Riding Club. Pieter showed me a drawing of him riding Sunday evening. We had to hunt through our bins of clothes to find pants for the kids. Yes, that is island living for you. Having to find pants. Juliana fit into Pieter's old cowboy boots from South Dakota, but we didn't have anything to fit Pieter but rain boots. So, we are on the hunt for riding boots for him for our next camp. When I woke up at six on Monday morning, I found both kids in their riding clothes, fast asleep. I later heard that Pieter woke up in the middle of the night and thought it was time to get ready and woke up Juliana. Almost like Christmas!

Well, so far our first two days have been wonderful at camp! Annie Turri, owner of Rincón Riding Club, is just amazing with the kids and horses. And I love that the stables are in Añasco. That is so much closer to us than Rincón. Along with riding, the kids are learning so many things about caring for horses. It brings back so many childhood memories are growing up with horses and riding with my mom and sister. 

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