Saturday, April 23, 2016


Ben came home from work on Wednesday saying that he saw a cute, little dog running around the entrance of the zoo. It had been dumped and was scared and wondering how it ended up there.  On Thursday morning we tried to catch it, but it was so scared it wouldn't come near us. The guards saw us and immediately came over and said they would try to catch it if we wanted it. They said this happens often and they have to bring the dogs over to the shelter in town, which is crowded. The dogs have a time limit there. So, the guards were pretty happy we showed some interest in this little dog and wanted our phone number. We weren't sure anything would happen. Ben said, "Well, I thought we found a little dog for your sister." When Deb was here last year she saw lots of dogs that needed to be adopted. We just hadn't found the right one until now.

Well, we got a call Friday morning at 7:30. They had live trapped her. Ben and the kids hopped into the car and went to down to pick her up. The zookeepers had to get out the big leather gloves to transfer her from the cage into our carrier. She was so scared she was growling and bitting. Ben came home, dropped the cage off and headed to work. We brought her to the vet and sat around waiting, Puerto Rican style, for about two hours. The tech asked me what her name was for their records. Name? I just picked this little doggie up off the street. Daisy came to mind. Finally, Melanie, our vet, got to see the little dog. In the end, she is just a very scared, little ten month old chihuahua mix in heat. We left her at the vet for the weekend to have surgery while we figure out how to take care of her over the next couple weeks before she flies to New Hampshire to her new home.

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