Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Catching the Moon

Lucia caught her toys for the first time last night!

To Catch a Moon Beam
I wait for Him,
I think He is shy,
He hangs out at twilight,
Dancing across the night sky.

Can you reach up and catch a moon beam in hopes it will stay?

Looking up,
Into Heavenly eyes
Super Nova's form,
As He smiles.

In northern lights,
The beauty within His soul is displayed.
My heart in orbit,
Skipping like a sonic boom!

His love is pure,
His face is bright,
He is the moon,
That lights my night.

Reaching up,
Plucking diamonds down,
I want to touch His vast galaxy,
Hold it within the palm of my hand.

Placing them in my pocket,
So, I may carry His love around.

Every night I watch from below,
Him dancing and placing each star in a row.

Casting moon beams,
Reflecting them out again
O' light of my soul.

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