Sunday, April 24, 2016


Oh, she loves her toys! It seems that Lucia is growing and changing right before my eyes. Now that I know how quick life goes from baby to naughty little child, I'm really savoring my time with Lucia. Oh, slow down a little bit, baby girl.


Which is the way to Baby-land?
  Anyone can tell;
    Up one flight,
    To your right;
  Please ring the bell.

What can you see in Baby-land?
  Little folks in white —
    Downy heads,
  Faces pure and bright!

What do they do in Baby-land?
  Dream and wake and play,
    Laugh and crow,
    Shout and grow;
  Jolly times have they!

What do they say in Baby-land?
  Why, the oddest things;
    Might as well
    Try to tell
  What a birdie sings!

Who is the Queen of Baby-land?
  Mother kind and sweet;
    And her love,
    Born above,
  Guides the little feet.

~ George Cooper

Stevenson, Burton Egbert. 
New York: Henry Holt and Company, 1956. Print.

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