Friday, April 29, 2016

An Evening Visit

Last weekend we headed down to Boqueron to visit Susi and Henk again on their sailboat. Oh, to be a cruiser! They sure are having a good time in their retirement. We brought dinner and wine and had a lovely time. Pieter brought his pirate costume along (thank you, Brittney!) so he could so some pretend play on the boat. Juliana grabbed her Triceratops costume since dressing up seemed to be the thing to do (see her costume a year and a half ago - oh, she is so little at 2 1/2!) We all enjoyed a night out, something of a rarity for us. The kids love seeing the lights at night since most of the time they are already in bed when the city lights go on. We are really going to miss Susi and Henk when they sail west soon.

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