Friday, March 18, 2016

When Things Go Right


I Heard the Good News Today, Chapter 7: Patrick Goes to Ireland

One might be surprised, but I'm not actually a big fan of St. Patrick's Day - the whole parade and leprechaun thing. What I do enjoy is the history of Ireland, all things Celtic, and celebrating the liturgical history of the saints. Over the years I've started collecting books to read on special saints days to teach my children about some amazing people that have walked this Earth, too. Patrick, Saint of Ireland is my favorite from the list above. It is beautifully illustrated. I Heard the Good News is an addition from Pieter's homeschooling books this year. There is not only a chapter on Saint Patrick, but also one on Columba and Lindesfarne. I was so happy to see them when we first started with this book this year! We read all of these over the past few days. Yesterday, I printed out a bunch of paper toys from The Toymaker and this little book was one of them. Pieter loves to cut these out and glue them together. I just handed him the stack and he was busy for the whole morning making things. Later in the day he came to me with the book, all illustrated, and asked me to write down the story he dictated to me. I was so thrilled. This is when things go right in homeschooling. It might look like not a lot is happening with the absence of worksheets and other formal learning techniques, but so much is going on inside those little heads.


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