Thursday, March 31, 2016

Pure Bliss

Could this little girl be any happier? Hugging her favorite cat in her daddy's lap.

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Easter Egg Hunt

The kids wanted to wait for Ben to get home from his trip to hunt Easter eggs, so we had a hunt on Tuesday. He is the Easter bunny after all. This year we dyed eggs by shaking them in a container with food coloring and rice. Easy and lots of fun! And we didn't even have an exploding container of colored, wet rice going everywhere.

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Daddy's Home!

{this is known as the peanut butter and jelly sandwich}

{silly Daddy is up to his tricks again}
{plateau solitaire}

{nautilus fossil}

{pin the tail on the bunny}

Daddy got home from Madagascar yesterday morning after traveling all night. He slept for about an hour before the kids woke up and found him with great joy. Lucia and I got to sleep in a while longer. Pieter eventually came down and said I just needed to come upstairs to see all the presents he brought home. Beautiful baskets, woven placemats, polished stones, horn utensils... So much fun to see things from so far way. And so much happiness to have Dada home. Ben gave Pieter his sleep mask from the plane and his creative juices started flowing. He disappeared for a while and came back with the game "pin the tail on the bunny!"


Plateau Solitaire: Rules of the game

In the illustration below, at 1, you see the start position. You may remove any ball as the first, but for the outcome of the game it matters of course which one you'll take. So situation 2 may come about, where the circles indicate which balls are allowed to capture the intermediate balls and occupy the empty space. If you do this with the left ball, situation 3 will come about. The captured ball is put on the edge of the board. Etcetera. It is not allowed to move diagonally, only horizontally and vertically.
The aim of the game is to have only one stone left on the board. The game looks deceptively simple, but it will occasion much brain-racking to bring it to a good conclusion.

*Rules found here

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Easter in Puerto Rico

Photo by Summer Hogan

{I made bunny bags for the babies}

{love the matching poses of daddy and daughter}

{can't take the surfing out of these cuties}

Easter in Puerto Rico is so different than all the other Easters in my life. So many times I remember shivering in my spring dress because it is supposed to be spring on Easter, right? But it was usually 40 degrees out and so gray. Easter in Puerto Rico is like having the movie turn from black and white to color. Beautiful flowers and green everywhere! We celebrated Easter with friends in Rincon. Summer and Stefan are such gracious hosts and really go all out with their annual Easter party. Wonderful food brought by everyone, a huge egg hunt and a slip-n-slide like you've never seen before!

Friday, March 25, 2016

Flower Crowns with Cassie

Photo by Juliana
Photo by Juliana

Photo by Juliana

After our three days at the beach this week, the girls and I decided to drop Pieter off at sailing camp and the go visit friends. Yesterday was a lovely day of sipping coffee, stitching bunny bags for Easter and visiting with friends. So relaxing I didn't take one photo! Today we headed over to Cassie and Britton's finca for a visit. Cassie and Juliana disappeared for a bit while Britton, Lucia and I hung out on the roof enjoying the cool breeze and beautiful view. Juliana came up with a gorgeous flower crown she threaded all by herself! Nothing like modeling with the turkeys!
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