Saturday, February 13, 2016

Festival del Acabe del Café

{waiting for our lattes}

{beautiful jewelry made from seeds, nuts and coffee}

{there is always Three Kings art at any festival}

{bee hive and local honey}

{so many VW buses used by the artisans}
{Britton and Lucia}

We headed to Maricao yesterday for the annual coffee festival, Festival del Acabe del Café. After going last year and having so much fun, I have definitely decided we need to make it there every year. We headed up Friday afternoon when things were just beginning. There were probably 60% of the artisans set up already and a bunch of coffee farms. Last year we went on Sunday and it was so busy we decided to go earlier and it was much nicer with lots of breathing room. Pieter remembered the roasted peanuts and found the vendor again. We saw beautiful artwork, had some great food and coffee, and hung out with our good friends, Cassie and Britton.

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