Sunday, December 6, 2015

Saint Nicholas Day

We started celebrating Saint Nicholas Day last year with a simple gift in the morning and lots of book reading about this historic Bishop of Myra. This year I talked with the kids about how the stories of the saint slowly turned into the myth of Santa Claus. While we still do presents on Christmas and read a lot of Santa Claus books, I wanted the kids to know that they are stories and not real. Oh, the decisions in parenting to be made. Anyhow, Pieter got his first big jigsaw puzzle (300 pieces) and with a bit of Papa's help he did great. He is really into pirates, this Caribbean boy. And Juliana just can't keep her hands off the nativity figures. So I found a set just for her. I think my worries of broken figurines has been solved!

This year we are reading:

And I'm thinking this one would be a good addition for next year:

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