Monday, December 14, 2015

Kayaking in Joyuda

{looking up into the mountains at Maricao}

{an invasive species, the Australian Spotted Jellyfish, Phyllorhiza punctata}

{heading for Isla Ratones}

{Really, no snowmobiling? Maybe snowmobile and jet ski icons are interchangable!}

Ben and the kids went south to Joyuda for some kayaking yesterday. It looks like it was lovely! Mangroves, ocean, jellyfish, islands, swimming, sand castle building... Pieter paddled the whole way without any help. This kid is really getting the hang of things. Ben called me from the island and Juliana was so excited I could barely understand her. And they came home with smiles and hungry bellies. I enjoyed a quiet afternoon at home. I watched a movie for the first time in ages, worked on an undercover knitting project for Juliana and made Saint Lucia Buns.


  1. Beautiful! Which movie did you watch??

    1. I'm limited to Amazon Prime. I picked the Legend of Longwood. It was sweet and had beautiful horses in it.


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