Sunday, November 15, 2015

Sunday in Rincon

{Britton & Cassie's bridge and stairs}
{Juliana enjoying the new trails at Cassie & Britton's place}

{Ben checking out the plants that we gave to Cassie & Britton - they have grown in so well!}

{Passion Flower, Passiflora}

Oh, it had been a while since we made it to Rincon to visit friends. We decided to head to The English Rose for breakfast Sunday morning. I tried out the Passion Fruit Mint Iced Tea that I've heard about so much and really enjoyed it. The fresh, chopped mint was a great addition to the drink. Pieter and Juliana loved having a whole cup of syrup to drench their pancakes with! Oh, what indulgence! 

We then headed over to Cassie and Britton's finca to see all the hard work that they've put in this fall. Making it down the hill and out to the cabin is a much easier experience now with smooth paths, bridges and cement steps. The kids love to be with Cassie and Britton, whether it is trying on costumes, collecting eggs or running around with the turkeys.

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