Friday, November 20, 2015

Kayaking Caño Boquilla

{heron in the dead branch right in the middle of the photo}

{West Indian Whistling Duck, Dendrocygna arborea}

Yesterday was Día del Descubrimiento de Puerto Rico, Discovery of Puerto Rico Day. Every year there is a huge horse parade in Aguada to celebrate Christopher Columbus landing on the northwest coast of Puerto Rico in 1493, on his second voyage to the New World. One day when we have enough courage to brave the crowds we'll have to get to it. Instead, Ben took Pieter out to discover a mangrove nearby, Caño Boquilla. Pieter came home with lots of stories of iguanas, herons, crabs and ducks. I was surprised to hear about the ducks, since we haven't seen any here before. We looked it up and found out that they stumbled upon the rare West Indian Whistling Duck. They saw about five of them in the mangroves. Ben said he had a hard time keeping up with this great paddler!

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