Monday, November 2, 2015

Going to the Dentist

We went to the dentist this morning for our six month cleaning. The kids are doing great with the ultrasonic cleaning, which I think is a bit hard to get used to. No cavities for the whole family!

Puerto Rico is a strange mix of healthcare. We have insurance through the University of Puerto Rico and have been so happy with it, especially in comparison with our previous insurance with the State of South Dakota. We pay very little for the insurance and it covers quite a bit, as long as you are in Puerto Rico. Going to the doctor's office is a different experience, however. For some strange reason there is a culture of doctors giving everyone the same appointment. For example, you have a 9AM appointment along with 15 other people and you have to get there as early as you can to get your name at the top of the list, otherwise you might wait until noon to see the doctor. But in some cases, the healthcare system actually uses real appointments, like our dentist! We had 8AM appointments and were brought right in when we arrived. And they could take care of all of us in the same visit. That really makes up for other appointments where I have waited several hours to see the doctor.


  1. I'd take waiting in line all morning if the insurance was GOOD. We don't even get the dental insurance with BH because it's so outrageous. I'd rather just pay cash, but of course that means that we don't do the customary 6 month cleanings...I'm a little embarrassed to say that neither of my kids have ever been to the dentist. :/

    1. Same for us when we were at BH. We paid for dental insurance for Ben and I and it was such a rip off. Only yearly cleanings and then we had to pay for part of that, too. We brought Pieter just one time for cleaning and X-rays right before moving.

  2. Your children are adorable, look very happy and obviously had a wonderful dental visit! It is great to know that your dental insurance is working out wonderfully in Puerto Rico. On the contrary, the doctors office sounds more like a walk-in clinic. Hopefully, they will evolve to better customer service within the next couple of years.

    Eunice Greer @ Downtown Dental SC

  3. The kids look fine sitting and smiling in the dentist chair. As long as they like dentist, it will be easy to get them to see the dentist every six months. You’re definitely putting them on the path to optimal dental health by getting them there each year and allowing the dentist to keep a close eye on their teeth.


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