Friday, June 19, 2015

Very Early

Photos by Steve Hall

Very Early

When I wake in the early mist
The sun has hardly shown
And everything is still asleep
And I’m awake alone.
The stars are faint and flickering.
The sun is new and shy.
And all the world sleeps quietly
Except the sun and I.
And then the noises start,
The whirrs and huffs and hums,
The birds peep out to find a worm.
The mice squeak out for crumbs,
The calf moos out to find the cow,
And taste the morning air
And everything is wide awake
And running everywhere.
The dew has dried,
The fields are warm,
The day is loud and bright,
And I’m the one who woke the sun
And kissed the stars goodnight.

~Karla Kuskin

I wish I could say that I was up and out this early this morning. What a special time for Steve and Grace on the lake. One of the nicest things about family visiting are the amazing photographs that everyone takes. And a perfect marriage of poetry and photography. 

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