Sunday, March 29, 2015

Sunday in Rincn

{Ben picking tamarind pods}

{the cutest turkey wrangler in Puerto Rico}

All photos above by Brittney Book

{Ella, Pieter and Laurel - July 2010}

{Laurel, Pieter and Ella - March 2015}

How many places can you hit up on a Sunday in Rincon? First stop, the Farmer's Market. Next, church at Church Without Walls. Next, the coolest chicken and turkey farm. Ben climbed right up the Tamarind tree at Cassie and Britton's without any trouble and started throwing down some tamarind pods for everyone to try. One of nature's best candies! Last stop? Marinas Beach. To say the least, Pieter and Juliana are loving the fun and attention of these these big kids. We've come to decide that when friendship persists for twenty years, our children are cousins in the best sense possible. I can already see that this week is going to by too quickly!

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