Thursday, March 26, 2015

First Tooth

My little boy lost his first tooth! He has been wiggling it and wiggling it for days and then sat down with some tortilla chips. A few minutes later he came running to me, all upset, that his tooth was missing. Oh, the poor little boy. He must have swallowed it. I commiserated with him and I knew exactly what we needed to do.  We sat down and read One Morning in Maine. I just love this classic book about a little girl, Sal, who looses her first tooth in the seaweed and shells when she is out clamming with her father.

The next day we were talking with friends and heard that another five year old also did this and left a note for the Tooth Fairy. Pieter was thrilled to hear this, so we went home and wrote a note. This morning Pieter found a whole dollar bill in an envelope under his pillow! He is so excited and is saving up for something big.

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