Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Coco the Rooster

Pet rooster? I never imagined it. A few weeks ago Ben came home from work and said he passed by a rooster on the side of the road near the house. So we all went to look at him and brought some bread. The rooster jumped like mad for it, showing how hungry he was. Ben picked him up and brought him to the house. We didn't have any chicken feed, but we had a bunch of coconut meal left over from making coconut milk, so we gave him a tray of it and he ate and ate. And earned the name Coco. The poor thing was so skinny, just bones. His top beak is clipped, which appears to be what people do to fighting cocks. I just can't imagine that this gentle creature would survive that. Maybe that is how he got his freedom. Anyhow, he now mostly stays in the side yard and roosts at night right next to our bedroom window. The first few days he didn't have enough strength to crow, but now he certainly is busy with that. This mama isn't so pleased with the 5AM wake up calls, but the kids just love him so. Pieter will go out in the yard and hang out with Coco for quite a while. He gets petted, carried around, and loved in any imaginable amount of ways. If you go sit down next to him, he settles down with a little clucking and cooing and is just as happy as a rooster could be.


  1. Wow, interesting story on how you acquired a pet rooster! He is very beautiful. I wouldn't be excited about the 5 am wake up calls either but I'm sure the kids love him.

  2. He is looking so much better thanks to your love and care. Great photos with the kids!


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