Wednesday, March 18, 2015

B for Butterfly

We have gotten back to some regular homeschooling again now that we've had a chunk of time without visitors. I've been using PreK Sonlight for reading and now I've added a few more things to help with learning the alphabet and reading. We initially tried Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons and Pieter hated it. There wasn't any fun to it, just sitting and saying sounds and doing some writing. So we quit for a while to get that bad taste out of his mouth. I had heard about All About Reading and decided to use their Pre-reading curriculum. I ordered that this month and we've been using it with great success. Both kids absolutely love Ziggy the Zebra. They are excited to see her and learn with her. A little fun makes all the difference. While Ziggy is talking to the kids, Juliana will grab Ziggy and hug her and say "I love you Ziggy" in such a sweet way that melts my heart. I've also been using Handwriting Without Tears at the same time. The kids like making the letters with the wood pieces. So, things are starting to look a little better. We are using All About Reading's great ABC Snacks cookbook. Today was B for Butterfly!

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