Monday, February 16, 2015

Maricao Coffee Festival

{peanut roaster, 1882 - still making great peanuts}

{fresh lemonade}
{Juliana with her favorite person}

{how can you not love this jacket}

{beautiful singing and drumming}

Yesterday we drove up into the mountains to Maricao to see their annual coffee festival with some friends. Despite it being the busiest day, we still were able to park in their huge lot nearby for $5 and then walked around for a couple of hours. We had pinchos (roasted meat on a stick) and fresh lemonade and some really yummy roasted peanuts. There were loads of coffee vendors, so we bought several bags from different farms to do some taste testing. There were aisles and aisles of vendors selling their art. It was the nicest, well done art I have seen yet. I bought several leather necklaces at surprisingly low prices and saw a lot of wood carvings that were quite beautiful. There was an extension station there in a booth with all of the amazing fruits in the photos above. Sometimes I forget how many amazing things can be grown here in Puerto Rico. This was such a great time that I hope to make it an annual trek. I think next time we'll try to get there on Friday or Saturday, which are supposedly the slower days.

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