Tuesday, December 16, 2014

The kayaks are out!

{our first ever selfie}

{I have a goal now...}

{raining over the mountains most of the day}
{Croton discolor - a species from the genus that brought our botanists and families together}

Ben pulled out the kayaks this weekend and finally polyurethaned them to protect the fiberglass from the UV rays which cause blistering. That job had been holding us back from kayaking here in Puerto Rico. We loaded everything up this morning and headed down to the Lighthouse in Cabo Rojo. What a lovely beach day for us with kayaking in Puerto Rico for the first time. Paul and Ben went out with the kayaks, then Ben and I took the kids, but I forgot my camera and was twitchy the whole time. We returned, the kids baled in favor of swimming with Lois, and then Ben and I headed out by ourselves (what a treat!) I told Ben it has been a while since I saw him smile so much. Having his beautiful boats floating in the Caribbean made both of us happy. We saw the Brown Boobies, which were truly beautiful. My bird book says that only 7,000 pairs are estimated to breed in the West Indies. They used to breed on Desecheo Island, but were decimated by introduced monkeys. We ended the day with a hike up to the Lighthouse along the treacherous cliffs.

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  1. How fun, guys!!! and how cool to see these beautiful handmade kayaks out! They are really gorgeous and sure the Caribbean sea is better for them ;-). Say hi to B & B.


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