Saturday, December 13, 2014

St. Lucia Day

Today we celebrated St. Lucia Day. I was introduced to this Scandinavian holiday by my cousins last year at their Winter Solstice Celebration. We really enjoyed it, so I decided we definitely would start celebrating this special day with Juliana and Pieter. Yesterday Pieter and I made his Star Boy hat with some poster paper and glitter glue. Pieter put glitter on every star very meticulously. Then today we made Juliana's crown while the dough was rising for our St. Lucia Buns. I've seen quite a few of these crowns online made out of paper and felt and decided that felt would be just as easy as paper, last longer and would look nicer. Below is a little tutorial for making one. And if your looking for ideas to make your own St. Lucia celebration, I've been collecting them on Pinterest here.

How to make a Lucia Crown

Make a headband: 
1. Cut a length of felt 2 inches longer than the head circumference, 3" wide. 
2. Iron in half lengthwise.
3. Stitch 1/8" away from edge on both sides.
4. Hold length on child, overlap at the back, then sew a square around the entire overlapped portion to make the headband.

Make leaves: use pinking shears to cut out various sizes and shapes of green leaves.

Make candles: 
1. Cut four strips of white felt 8" x 1.5"
2. Cut four small yellow flames
3. Using fabric glue, glue the flame 2/3 across the top of the white rectangle.
4. Roll the tiniest edge of the felt on the length, glue and hold down. Now you've got a roll started. Then spread glue across the rest of the white felt and roll the entire candle up.
Glue Leaves and Candles onto Headband:
1. Put headband on child. Push candle down inside of band. Push down until you are happy with the height of the candle. Then trim all the candles at bottom. I trimmed off about 2".
2. Put headband back on child. Position the front candles, take off and then glue them on with seam facing backwards.  Follow with two back candles.
3. Glue on all the leaves the entire way around the headband.

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