Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Salto Curet


{south towards Ponce}

Our last adventure with Mark brought us to Maricao. I packed up a picnic of fruit, leftover birthday cake and hot chocolate (because it just might be a little bit cooler up there? I'm ever so hopeful), with the plan to stop at our favorite bakery in Maricao (Erik's Bakery) for sandwiches on the way to La Torre de Piedra. We had a picnic at the tower, drove through some of the Maricao State Forest and then headed for our first waterfall in the mountains, Salto Curet in Maricao.

{āchiotl, Bixa orellana - annatto is made from the seeds}

{the serpentine substrate} 

{adding to a dam}

{climbing along the edges to get to another waterfall and pool}

{where is Pieter?}

{up to his armpits in the pool - he wanted to see how deep it was}

The hike up to the waterfall was mostly road that crossed various streams feeding into the large river. After the sign for Salto Curet it was mostly rock hopping or walking through the stream. The kids did pretty well and really enjoyed the waterfall and throwing rocks. Pieter was really funny when he went into the pool. He asked me to go over to the small waterfall and pool, and of course, being mom, I said "no, you'll fall in." Then Ben, who didn't hear our exchange, says, "hey, let's go over there!" And, Pieter didn't fall in, he went in on purpose! And was happy as a dog, without a worry of being wet. I'll just say that this mama is very pleased with herself that she had a change of clothes for the kids waiting in the car.

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