Thursday, December 4, 2014

Rainy Afternoon

The forecast of a sunny day turned into a rainy afternoon, with a harder and longer rain than we've had in a while. It seemed to need some tea, irish music and puzzles. Pieter and Juliana are getting better and better with puzzles. This is the first time that Pieter put the bunny puzzle together without any help after we did the border. Our new kitty, Kanu, made a social appearance. Most often he spends the day sleeping on my bed, so when he comes upstairs to hang out with us, we really enjoy him. We finally settled on his name, which means wildcat in Swahili. This is a very fitting name as he is a very feisty boy.

The Rain Has Silver Sandals
The rain has silver sandals,
   For dancing in the spring,
And shoes with golden tassels
   For summer's frolicking.
Her winter boots have hobnails
   Of ice from heel to tow,
Which now and then she changes
   For moccasins of snow.

~May Justus

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