Monday, December 8, 2014

North to South: Arecibo to Ponce

{the movie seats were a big hit during the presentation on the observatory}

{world's largest reflector, weighting 300 tons}
{beautiful mountains of the Karst Country}

{39 steel cables support the 1,000 ton platform}
We enjoyed our visit to Arecibo Observatory on Saturday. It was a pretty amazing to see such a large structure. I can't imagine what it must have been like for the scientists in the 1960s to imagine building this radiotelescope and to be hiking around the Karst Country looking for just the right circular valley that would fit perfectly. After visiting the Observatory, we headed south, following 10 to Ponce. On the way we stopped for a hike in the woods and visited Lago Dos Bocas, a water reservoir. 

{Vanilla growing wild above the country road in Karst Country}

{just watching them made my feet tingle}

{we picked up some oranges, mangos, plantains, papaya and cheese}

After we walked around the dam we drove south to Ponce and had dinner by the Caribbean Sea. The sunset was amazing. This was a long day with two little ones, but we managed and the kids stayed awake the whole way home after dinner.

{the entire bar was filled with various Three Kings collections}

{Seagrape, Coccoloba uvifera}

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