Thursday, December 25, 2014

Merry Christmas!

{Maya and Kanu found toys in their stockings}
{many wonderful books came in the mail from family and friends}

{lighting the Christ candle}

{Malagasi Nativity}

{South Dakota Beeswax Nativity}

{Mexican Nativity}

{the wise men waiting on the side for Three Kings Day}
We had a wonderful Christmas! We decorated our Norfolk Island Pine tree yesterday. I picked it up at Home Depot and am hoping for it to grow into a nice big tree that we can use every year. Last night Pieter came to our bed around 3AM and snuggled back to sleep when I assured him it was still dark. We actually were able to stay in bed until 7AM! They loved the goodies and books they received from family and friends. Grandma sent some traditional gold covered chocolate coins that were a perfect addition to their stockings. Obviously, though, the snorkel sets took the prize. I'm still loving our reusable cloth Christmas bags for wrapping presents. They make wrapping so easy and I don't have to go buy any paper or ribbons year after year. After breakfast we lit the Christ candle and put Baby Jesus with all the nativity sets. The kids were pretty excited about that after waiting all through Advent.

Pieter also received a kayak paddle to use with the kayak that Papa fixed up for him these past few weeks. We packed up the car and drove to the beach. The non-existent waves were perfect for swimming and kayaking.

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