Monday, December 8, 2014


{Juliana insisted on wearing her birthday crown, too!}

{Pieter's first set of legos}

{nothing else matters now that there are legos}
{fun with sparklers}

My little boy turned five this week. Oh, he has been counting down the days, so excited for his birthday. Even though we are in a new land, it feels like home when we pull out the same birthday flags and decorations. Both kids wore their birthday crowns much of the day. Pieter asked for his favorites, meatballs and spaghetti and carrot cake. We stopped by a bakery supply store and he picked out a few decorations for the cake. When Mark asked for a birthday present suggestion, I knew that Pieter would really love some Legos. I put them off while Juliana was smaller so we wouldn't have a choking hazard around, but every time we visit someone with Legos, Pieter just loves to play with them. You can see from his face that all else in the world is forgotten. It is building time!

Five turns around the sun, full of joy and love. We love you, Pieter!

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