Thursday, October 30, 2014

Mis Abuelos Coffee Finca

{getting ready for a tour this morning}

{coffee from the recent harvest}

{beans ready for some water to soak the outer covering off}

{after soaking and drying, the cherries are crushed in this machine}

{pulp from crushing the cherry fermenting on the hillside with chickens enjoying it}

{the Burns Jubilee Roaster, new to the farm six months ago}

{grinding the coffee before bagging and sending it to local grocery stores}

{owner feeding the chickens some cooked rice}

{coffee plant nursery}
{Juliana found a cherry in the driveway from the recent picking season}

This morning our friend Laura brought us up into the hills of Mayaguez to about 1000 feet elevation to where her neighbor owns a coffee farm, Mis Abuelos. It didn't take that long to drive up there, maybe 20 minutes. We had a lovely visit and a beautiful view looking across the mountains towards the ocean. We had a casual look around and saw them grinding coffee that was destined to the grocery stores along the west coast of Puerto Rico. We left with three bags of coffee beans to try out.

(Want to visit? Mis Abuelos Coffee, CARR 354, Km. 5.5, Bo. Rio Canas, Mayaguez, 787-265-2521)

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