Friday, August 15, 2014

Iguana in the Neighborhood

This morning I was washing dishes and looked out the window, down to the field next to our house. All of a sudden I could see a huge iguana walking along, shaking his head at the neighborhood. We have lots of little lizards that scurry around the yard, on the window screens and occasionally in the house, but this is the first iguana we've seen here. We figured they must be south of here in Cabo Rojo, which similar to tropical desert climate that is in the Yucatan where Ben's parents live, where we see lots of these reptiles. 

I called Pieter over to the window and we watched the iguana climb up the tree and when Papa got home we put our shoes on and when out to the field. The first thing we saw was that orange, scaly arm in the tree. We'll be keeping an eye out for you, big, bad boy.

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  1. It's kind of fun to have wild animals in the yard as long as they don't hurt you or eat your pets. We found a whole clutch of snake eggs in the yard, right next to where the kids swing. I wanted to see what would hatch out of them but they never hatched, they just shriveled up and had mold growing all over them. So I did open one up and sure enough, there was a snake inside, the chicken liked it. I should have left them alone in the yard and maybe we'd have baby snakes now.
    We saw three coons wandering through the neighbor's yard in the middle of the day.


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