Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Boating with Friends

~passing industry on our way to Lake Michigan~

~our pilot, Bert~

~love her sailor outfit~

~reed lake~

Sixteen years ago Ben and I made some special friends at Au Sable. Bert and Mae were interested in some young twenty-somethings and what their life held for them. They spent time chatting with us at Au Sable, brought us to church in their fancy car, took us out for lunch and watched our friendship turn into marriage. We so enjoy seeing them every summer and today we had a special day with them - boating on Lake Michigan. I went boating with the Froyslands back in the late 1990s several times with my college roommate and friend Becky, so it was fun to go again and have Becky, Nate and Elijah with us, too. The kids loved it, especially watching the forklift put the boat in the water. They also enjoyed the swimming at the marina when we returned. Pieter jumped into the water and swam over his head (with a PFD on) for the first time! He was pretty pleased with himself. 

On Saturday, we packed up the cabin at Au Sable and drove to Grand Rapids to stay with our friends Don and Beth Gordon. Don was the pastor at the Church in the Hills in Bellaire, Michigan, the church we attended when we lived at Au Sable in the late 1990s. Yesterday we enjoyed a lovely brunch at the Gordon's house, with the Friebels and Froyslands. This week we fly to Puerto Rico, so we said goodbye to our car and the Friebels drove it away. After having it for fourteen years, it was sad, especially for Ben. So, to go to the marina, we drove Mae's snazzy little bug, which the kids really enjoyed.

We headed to East Grand Rapids after boating to have dinner at Rose's on Reed Lake. It was a wonderful restaurant and we had a nice time, especially since our two littles were moving slow from their naps in the car. They really enjoyed the ducks on the lake.

Tomorrow we drive to Ann Arbor, one stop away from Detroit and our one-way tickets to Puerto Rico!

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