Saturday, May 10, 2014

Heading East to De Smet, SD

After the truck pulled out yesterday, we loaded up our car and drove eastward through the rain. We passed though the capitol, Pierre, for the first time, on our way to De Smet, South Dakota. Here began our journey along the Laura Ingalls Wilder Historic Highway.

We spent the night at the Prairie House Manor Bed & Breakfast in De Smet. It was full of the Ingalls theme and after reading most of the books this past year, Pieter knew all of the trivia questions at the breakfast table.

Right next door was the final home of Ma & Pa Ingalls in De Smet. After breakfast we headed out to the Ingalls Homestead and joined a school group for a wagon ride to the one-room school house for an 1880s school session.

~my brave, little girl driving the team~

Back at the livestock barn, we saw a beautiful foal with it's mama. And then we did all sorts of pioneer activities in Flindt's Garage.

~making rope~
~twisting hay just like Pa and Laura during the Long Winter~

~stripping corn to make a corncob doll just like Charlotte~

~grinding wheat in the coffee mill~

~visiting a claim shanty~

~a dugout house~

We had a wonderful time in De Smet and even saw more homes and museums in town!

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