Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Spring Storm

{Monday, 6PM}

{Tuesday, 10:30 AM}

Yesterday was a perfect spring day in the sixties. The forecast kept saying there was a storm coming, but I just couldn't believe it. After I got the kids in bed the hard rain began and it continued into the night. I woke up at midnight and it had turned to snow with two inches on the ground. This morning greeted us with about eight inches of heavy, wet snow. Perfect for snowballs and snowmen. Not so perfect for shoveling a driveway. Pieter has been out all morning playing and still is out there, refusing to come in, even though he is sopping wet. 

{our view of the mountains}

The Christmas Present

The fields are wrapped in sliver snow,
Tied tight with grey stone walls,
While cardinals flutter in the drifts
Like cherry Christmas balls.
   I wonder what the spring will shout
   When she unwraps the box,
   And finds to her extreme delight,
   A toad, a mole, a fox?

~Patricia Hubbell

Larrick Crosby, Nancy. Piping Down the Valleys Wild. 
New York: Delacorte Press, 1968. Print.

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