Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Moving to Puerto Rico

{Old San Juan}

{Cormorants on the west coast}

{south coast}

{near Cabo Rojo}

This past year has been long year of waiting to find out what the next step would be in our lives. Last April Ben went to the University of Puerto Rico-Mayaguez (UPRM) to interview for a job and we were both thrilled and dismayed to hear from UPRM in June that he was their top pick, but that all job hiring had been frozen at the university. Some things just have to be put on the back burner to simmer and not think about. So on with life we went and wondered occasionally what the future held for us. Finally, we heard that it was a go, and we could start thinking about what a big move like this entails. We put the house on the market in late February and are happy to already have it under contract and will be closing at the beginning of May.

It is a bit overwhelming of a move, so different than our previous big moves across the country. Some friends have asked us if we will get rid of everything and start over in Puerto Rico. We decided that bringing along our household items might help us adjust to living in a new culture ("us" meaning myself and the kids - for Ben it will be a bit like moving back home after his childhood in Yucatan, Mexico).  I've been reading a few blogs by people that have relocated from the mainland to Puerto Rico (Life Transplanet and CA2PR) and they have really helped to think ahead on what life will be like. It sounds like quality furniture is hard to find, so that is another reason to move our things. But really, we want to take our 17' long sea kayaks with us, so that means we already have a long container. Why not fill it? Instead of driving a truck ourselves, like we have in our previous moves, this time we will pack up a container, say goodbye to it in May and not see it until July. Since it will be out of our hands, I decided to work on a big task in inventorying our things for insurance. I'm using Home Inventory and really like how straightforward it is. Hopefully this is a good insurance policy that we won't have to use in the end.

The photos above are from a plant collecting trip that Ben went on in 2005 to Puerto Rico. The beauty of the island is amazing. I imagine that we will be exploring it for quite a while. Pieter has already demanded that we drive around the whole island. After a little hesitation, he is having so much fun thinking about all the things we will do. Lots of swimming and playing in the sand. Oh, and to have a zoo in the town that we live in! And on snowy days here in South Dakota (like yesterday), we get a little bit more excited about living permanently on a Caribbean island.


  1. Sounds like you're going into this with the right attitude. I think you will really enjoy it! For instance today was about 85 degrees and I went swimming in warm Caribbean water while Cassie did yoga on the beach. Then we came home and played with our plants and animals. Your kids will have a blast and so will you! Congrats on the move, we can't wait to meet you guys!

    1. Oh, we are surely going to love the 85 degrees! Keep up posting on those lovely chickens of yours - we can't wait to live where we can have a whole flock. Do let me know if there are other blogs you know of that we should be reading. It is great for our transition.


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