Thursday, March 13, 2014

Driving Home

{goodbye Denver}
{the rockies}

{cell phone tower disguised as a bison}

{enjoying the fancy Southeast Wyoming Welcome Center}

{highway 85}

{water saving rest area - astroturf, composting toilets, passive solar design}

{Pieter's bison sweater hot off the needles just a few miles before}
{finally a view of the black hills}

The sun shone the whole way on our drive back to South Dakota. Just two hours north of Denver brought us to a visit at Sierra Trading Post and then we had a long drive north through Wyoming. I finished a sweater for Pieter that I started on our way down through Wyoming on Friday. Pieter tried it out at a playground we found at the greenest rest area I've ever seen, although, the astroturf was rather funny to see in this brown landscape. The kids colored and I read more of By The Shores of Silver Lake aloud. Overall, a nice drive. We enjoyed a quiet scenery through the Black Hills at the end and are so happy to be back home again.

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