Monday, February 10, 2014

Jewel Cave

There was one National Park that we had't visited yet, Jewel Cave National Monument. With the sequestration, the hours are pretty limited during the winter right now, so we headed down on a Friday when there was a tour we could go on. We took a different route to the Southern Black Hills through Wyoming and it was a beautiful drive. Our tour was wonderful - winter is the time to go with barely anyone else around. The geology of the cave was amazing.

{fire damage on 90% of the land area of Jewel Cave from the Jasper Fire in 2000}

{learning about barometric pressure at the door to the cave with our park ranger, Katherine}

{calcite crystals}

{dogtooth spar calcite crystals}

{the one piece of calcite available to touch}

{blunt nailhead spar crystals rounded the walls like a coral reef}

{blunt nailhead spar crystals, formed when the cave was full of water, above boxwork that is similar to what we saw in Wind Cave}

{flowstone over popcorn and frostwork}


{a stalactite and stalagmite on their way to making a column} 

{a pool calcifying}

{iron oxide surrounded by calcite crystals and flowstone}
{flowstone covering spar crystals}

{a drapery that became a 20' long bacon formation}

{interesting red wall of rock in Wyoming}

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  1. These are some neat pictures, what great memories for the children (and the adults).


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