Monday, February 24, 2014

A Quilt from Grandma Mina

{Grandma Mina and Aunt Margaret making Pieter's quilt}              Photo Credit: Allan Mol

{a beautiful quilt label ~ Mina van Ee}

{Grandma Mina's 90th Birthday, January 2014}                  Photo Credit: Allan Mol

We spent Christmas with Ben's grandma, Wilhelmina van Ee, known to the kids as Grandma Mina. I spent a lot of time organizing Grandma's fabric that filled a linen closet and spilled into the bedrooms. It was loads of fun and such a great time to visit with Grandma Mina. We received a quilt for Juliana when she was six months old at the Van Ee family reunion in 2012, but Pieter didn't have one and I really wanted something for him that was made by his great grandmother - what a wonderful gift. So I picked out a collection of fabric, centered around the bucolic dutch farm scene, to remind Pieter of his Dutch roots. And this little boy just loves cows and any other farm animals, so I knew he would love it. I talked Grandma Mina into piecing the top together and to then send it as is and I would do the rest. Well, we really lucked out because Aunt Margaret then went for a visit and she helped Mina piece it and who could be better than someone with her own herd of cows?!! Well, we got a package from Canada last week and we were thrilled to open it up and find this beautiful quilt. Now I just need to find some backing material and put it together. Thank you Grandma Mina and Aunt Margaret!

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