Monday, January 6, 2014


We got on the very beginning of I-80 in El Cerrito and headed east this morning. In a short order we were back up in the mountains and snow again. Nothing like a rude awakening. Poor Pieter got sick from the quick climb in altitude, but was feeling better after a while. Oh, the stories I could tell you about driving 3,500 miles with two little children in three weeks. Let's just say I was much better prepared the second time Pieter said that his stomach hurt. Below is our first view of Nevada. I drove this route by myself seventeen years ago in the spring. My memories are a land full of sage brush and devoid of civilization. Driving through during the winter this time just seemed so desperately bleak.

Just outside of Elko, Nevada we stopped at the California Trail Interpretive Center. The kids and I had a great time looking at the displays while Ben did a little plant collecting. They were very well done and the dioramas were beautiful. Seeing all the covered wagons was the prefect timing for Pieter. We have been reading the Laura Ingalls Wilder books and on this trip we read through Farmer Boy and On the Banks of Plum Creek. Pieter loves the series and will listen for more than an hour at a time. Since we were in the car, I was the captive one here, and I kept hearing Pieter say "Read, read, Mom!"

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