Friday, December 20, 2013


{crossing the columbia river}

{mount rainier}

{back in farm country}

{the cascades}

{a wonderful sight on day 3 in the car}

{sleeping through seattle}

{tundra swans}

{we made it to the big trees!}

We left Spokane early enough to see the moon this morning. Eastern Washington proved to be just as beautiful as I remembered. It is so fun to go from the flat farm land to the Cascades in a short order. We had great weather on the trip, beating all the snow storms by just one day on each leg of our trip. We made it to the beautiful Pacific Northwest without any trouble and crossed over to Canada to see Oma, Opa, and Grandma Mina in time for dinner!


  1. They are getting so big. Such cute photos. from Pebbles

  2. Looks like quite a fun road trip! Wish I could have been there, well maybe if the car was bigger. :)


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