Friday, December 13, 2013

Advent Journey: A Second Chance

A week ago today, I looked out our back window and saw a stray cat sitting in the sun in subzero weather trying to get warm. As soon as I went out the back door, it ran away, so I brought some cat food down to the compost pile where it had been finding something to eat. Saturday morning Ben looked out the window and saw two this time, huddled together. And they weren't cats, but small kittens. I couldn't imagine how they were surviving this bitterly cold weather of -15F at night. Their footprints showed that they were staying in a neighbor's storage area under their deck. So I drove down to the animal shelter that morning and borrowed some traps. We put a bunch of food in them and it didn't look like the traps were going to work because the kittens were so light they weren't triggering the door, but at least they were getting some food. Finally on Sunday afternoon we caught one and then an hour later the next one. It was thrilling to get these little ones in out of the cold. They are certainly wild and didn't appreciate being trapped. The folks at the shelter thought they were probably not more than two months old and would probably settle down and get used to people after about a month of socialization.

So often we don't know that God has something better in mind for us, just like the kittens didn't know that being trapped would lead to a better life. It is hard to understand why the path that God wants us to go along is headed in a different way than we imagined. And even if we go the wrong way, He always gives us another chance to get it right.

Wednesday we woke up and saw we had a visitor in the night. Pieter also saw a cat in the backyard when he was out playing and there are a lot more foot prints around the compost pile. We are guessing this is the mama, so we might have to go borrow another trap.

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  1. Beautiful story, Missy - and such truth in your words. I hope the wee cat family can be reunited in safety xx


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