Saturday, October 5, 2013

The Morning After

{what is left of three cottonwood trees}
{the neighbor's ash tree}
{neighbor's spruce trees didn't even get through unscathed - broken branches at the top middle}
{big snow pile on the left for the snow cave}
{snow cave!}

{backyard - drifts up to my waist}
{the ash tree lost more branches at the crown over night}
{the locust tree has lots of broken branches, smashed down onto the roof}
{the apple tree lost more branches over night}

{finding the diggers that were left out yesterday in late afternoon}

We woke up to more than four feet of heavy snow. I don't remember getting four feet in 24 hours before. The driveway is impossible to shovel because of all the cottonwood branches in it. We are going to have to wait it out and let it melt. Then we'll be able to move the branches out and take a look at our new roof to see what kind of damage we might have. Most of the cottonwood actually fell on the neighbor's roof, who hasn't re-roofed yet after the hail storm, so that is lucky for him. Today it is supposed to get up to 50, so we are already seeing some dripping, but it will take a while. Ben and Pieter shoveled the front walk and made a huge snow cave. Pieter loved it. Juliana, on the other hand, takes no delight in getting suited up for the outdoors. She hates her snowsuit and boots. I made her go out with us and she finally stopped crying when she realized the getup actually might be helping her. We had to shovel off the back deck and do a little digging to find Pieter's earth-moving toys. We haven't seen any plows yet and I think it might be more than a day before we do. The really good news is that our neighborhood has buried power lines. That means we still have power and a warm house. Other than that, we are enjoying hot chocolate and whip cream! 


  1. Oh my!!
    I remember our early snow from 2 yrs ago so well with similar views, though not 24"(wow!!). The poor trees that are just not ready for all that snow. :( We're praying your clean-up is quick and not too complicated, with a perfectly intact roof. Enjoy that cocoa!! Love from the East.

  2. It is beautiful. Amazing how these storms can alter some of the landscape.


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