Monday, October 7, 2013

The day after the blizzard

{our poor little church snowed in with so many downed trees and branches}
Shoveling four feet of wet snow mixed in with leafy tree branches is not for the faint of heart. Ben managed to get a path shoveled through the driveway after about an hour and we decided to just let the rest melt. It is starting to warm up, so we should see most of this snow gone within the week. Pieter is having a blast and we were thrilled to see at least one digger make its way up the street to put at least one pass through to let us walk in the neighborhood. We then went for a walk through town and wished we had snowshoes. There are lots of people right in town here without power. We are so thankful for buried power lines in our neighborhood. It is still warm in our house!

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