Thursday, October 10, 2013

A God Sighting

After the storm we had a driveway piled high with tree branches and still more in the backyard to pull around. This week I watched my neighbor haul away his branches with his truck and I sighed about our pile. Without a truck, I knew it would be a while before we were able to deal with the mess. The city did say over the next month they would make passes through town to pick up piles, but it might be a long wait. Then today a logging truck was driving by the house and all of a sudden stopped and put it into reverse and came back in front of the house. It felt like an angel had appeared and grabbed up our enormous pile in just a few bites. I ran and woke Pieter up from a nap and we all went out to watch. These pictures show just the last bit of branches that he loaded up. We talked with the logger and he said he has been unable to log in the National Forest due to the furlough, so he is picking up trees for the city. Some times bad things can work out for the good. At church, our minister often asks for "God Sightings" from people. This was definitely one of those. We are so thankful! And now we have an empty driveway to pile high again with more branches.

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