Thursday, September 12, 2013

Wee Woodland Quilts Finished!

{Pieter's wee woodland quilt}

{quilted loops & leaves}

{pillowcase made with wee woodland flannel}

{quilted pointy swirls}

{forest friends flannel quilt, pillowcase, and animals}
{Juliana's wee woodland quilt}

{reverse side of Juliana's quilt}

After piecing together the Wee Woodland quilts this spring (see post), I sent them off to Montana to be quilted by Kathy. I waited on pins and needles for them to come back, so anxious to see them. Well, the post office conspired against me. They didn't return until after we left for Michigan, so I didn't get to see them until we returned in August. After driving for a week across the country, the first thing I did when we returned was to check them out. They were perfect! Kathy does such an amazing job and the price was right with a 20% discount for the first order. I chose an all over pointy swirls with a simple loops and leaves in the white border. I finally just finished binding them this past weekend (using an amazing binding tutorial by Kathy) and sewed up some pillowcases in Wee Woodland flannel to match. I still have some remaining fabric, so you might see some other room accessories in a bit. I love the final result!


  1. The finished product on these are gorgeous, makes me want to get back to quilting. I actually am making a quilt with the batik I bought in SD last summer but it's just a little one, maybe 2"x2" or so. I hope they treasure these for a long time!

  2. That is so lovely - in fact, completely stunning? What a good idea to send it away to be quilted too xx


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