Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Freshening Up

{frolic baby quilt hanging on wall; wee woodland quilt on bed; Mary Jane Q. Cross prints}

{both kids at one day old - Pieter above, Juliana below}

Painting in and out of the house took up much of my time this spring. One room that definitely needed a fresh coat and color was Pieter's room. In thinking about the wee woodland quilts that I was working on for the kids, I chose a daring blue (Yolo Colorhouse Water .01). It definitely took a while to get used to, but I do love it now. Juliana just moved in with Pieter when we returned from Michigan and the kids are doing pretty well falling asleep together. Pieter is a voracious reader and especially loves the classic golden books about trains, cars and trucks. I spent time two weeks ago getting some beautiful new prints by Mary Jane framed and am so glad to get them up on the wall. More about those soon!

1 comment:

  1. I love them! The fabric is so cute and you did a great job!


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