Monday, September 16, 2013

Biking the Mickelson Trail

{sign at the Dumont Trailhead where we began}

{my view of the kids all bundled up in the trailer}

{a muddy mess at the end}

We biked on the Mickelson Trail for the first time this past weekend. We started at the Dumont Trailhead and ended at Lead. While we only biked 12 of the 109 miles of the trail, it was a perfect amount, especially with 80% downhill. Going up at the beginning was rather tough because the trail reaches the highest point in the hills in this stretch (6,100'). After such warm weather during September, getting up into the hills with cooler temps and leaves turing colors, it finally felt like autumn. At the end of our time, the rain started and gave us a bit of chill. We were certainly a muddy mess by the end! 

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