Sunday, July 28, 2013

The lake

{Leah, William, and Simon}

Photo by Bev Lindemann
{playing in the water with Aunt Bev}

Photo by Bev Lindemann

{Pieter catching a toad}
{kayaking the lake with Aunt Bev}

We've gone to the lake in Connecticut for a few days and are having a great visit with my Aunt Bev and Uncle Bruce. We also got to have some special friends from our time at Harvard come over for lunch - we finally got to meet Simon Tootle! What a cutie he is. Luckily the evenings are cooling off, because Pieter is insisting on having a fire every morning in the cottage. It is a lot of fun to visit this place, full of childhood memories of Grandpa and Grandma and living in Eastford.

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  1. That fire looks so cozy! These are wonderful memories for your children. Hope needed some pictures for school so we were looking through old photos and John got to see himself as a baby, I don't think we've shown him pictures of himself as a baby in a very long time. He loved it!
    It's wonderful to have such a great photo record.


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