Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Duerksen Turkey Farm

{8 day old turkeys}

{Pieter and Rick Duerksen}

{9 week old turkeys}

{19 week old turkeys}
In preparation for our big picnic tomorrow, we had one more local farm to visit: Duerksen Turkey Farm in Mancelona. True free-range turkeys were to be found and the most wonderful brats and hotdogs. We will be getting these every summer we are in Michigan. Owner Rick Duerksen gave us a tour, much to Pieter's delight. We saw the new turkeys that come at one day old and the biggies out in the fields. The largest ones were in a field under progress with recent clearing. Every so often Rick moves the shelters and the food and the turkeys move with it, on to new, fresh grass. Some of these can get up to 50 pounds! Many go to 30 pounds for a big Thanksgiving feast. The Duerksens changed over to this free-range operation in 2007 and are very pleased with their results. So are we - what a great resource for northern Michigan!

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