Sunday, March 31, 2013

A flock of his own

As we are celebrating Easter this weekend, sheep are becoming a strong theme around here. Yesterday we went to a friend's ranch and got to see for the first time sheep being sheared. It was so neat to see - more about that later. When Pieter first starting playing with the farm, he immediately noted that the farmer had a staff; and therefore, was a shepherd. But there were no sheep! So, there was great joy this morning when he opened up his Easter basket and found an entire sheep family - a mama, a daddy, and a baby. I also knit up some sheep for both kids, using a wonderful pattern from Mama4Earth. It is called Suffolk Sheep (my Rav page). I enjoyed the quick knit and am looking forward to knitting more animals for the farm.

We also added some bunnies to the farm! 
Now it is time to get ready for church. It is time to say Alleluia!

1 comment:

  1. I love those little animals! Both the farm ones and the human ones are SO very cute. Happy Easter to you all today. And Alleluia Christ is Risen!!


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