Tuesday, January 1, 2013


Photo by Jan van Ee
Could it really be one year later? Our sweet Juliana turned one this week and we had a fiesta in her honor. She had a mama-made carrot cake, complete with toasted coconut that was harvested, shredded and toasted by her Papa. Her aunt Becky and I spent a morning at the market to find a piƱata and goodies to fill it with, along with homemade sesame honey candies
Happy Birthday, little girl! We love you so much!
Photo by Steve Hall
Juliana's lovely dress came from the market. This traditional dress worn by Mayan women is called an huipil. When Ben was growing up, most of the village women wore these. Now when we visit the villages around Merida, it seems that only the older women wear them now. 
Cousins, from the oldest to the youngest!
Grace, Daniel, Faith, Hannah, Hope, Pieter, Micah, Abigail, John, Juliana and Kaatje.
(missing: Arianne)
Photo by Jan van Ee
Photo by Jan van Ee
{Faith gets a little help from Oma}
Photo by Jan van Ee

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